Images of God

Nicoleta Kapetanidou
Marielou Jacquard
Stefanie Bodner
Daniel Pannermayr
Tarik Bousselma

Zeynep Özsuca

Matthaeus von Schlippe

Guillaume Cailleau

Mareike Hantschel

Set assistant
Shir Levanon

Make up
Susanne Lippert

Andrea Fichtel

May 2013
Salon zur Wilden Renate

Five Gods in Mozart’s Heaven.

5 Golds sing Mozart’s most famous Alias in a never ending loop. The images nearly don’t change. The Gods barely move.
Mozart has been played for a million times all over the world – his myth extends to the golden praliné in Salzburg. In Vienna the public opera toilet in the Karlsplatz underground is the symbol of glorification of our composition heroes.

In the five video portraits the gods sing arias by Mozart in never-ending loops. The settings are unique – each with its own flow of time. The portraits question our belief in images and ask:


Who do we call our Saints and what do we do with them?

This is an adventure by planetenexport, a collective realized together with the set and costume designer Mareike Hantschel.