composition: Elisa Quarello

text: Jakob Nolte

conductor: Manuel Nawri

direction: Franziska Guggenbichler Beck



Valentina Stadler [Edda]

Suzanne Fischer [Katja]

Mathias Monrad Möller [Kasse]

Jeongwhan Sim [Thomas]

Xenia Romashova [Frieda]

Anna Schors [Edda-Double]

Rebecca Koch [Katja-Double]

Lukas Schmülling [Thomas I-Double],

Dirk Girschik [Thomas II-Double]


Echo Ensemble


stage design: Kerstin Laube

costumes: Maria Wolgast

musical assistance: Musashi Baba

repetition: Sua Baek

assistant direction: Anna-Sophie Weber

assistant stage : Ev Benzing

light design: Ismael Schott

Steffen Hoppe, André Fuhrmann

sound: Jonas Diestelmeier

make up: Helga Jähnick, Anke Stahnke,

Matthias Jander, Manfred Mödig


Dramaturgy: Curt A. Roesler


Pictures: Janine Escher


In this opera thriller fiction and reality are increasingly mingling and drift into their own world of codes.

In the context of the „Neue Szenen II“, a composition competition, initiated by the Deutsche Oper Berlin, I premiered the short opera OHIO in April 2015.

It is but an energetic music, combined with a clever, ambiguous and hilarious libretto.

During the production I produced and directed film in the district of Neukölln.

Berlin after the fall of the Berlin Wall. As a former agent, Edda looks back into a life of lies. She tries to put a terrible end to the persistent voices of guilt and fear in her head. What happened yesterday is not over. Katja, her daughter, has no idea when she wakes up on a gray morning and becomes the target of a perfidious struggle between Edda, Frieda and Thomas, all trying to hide some dark chapter of their past.

Our reality sometimes is dizzying. What should we believe in? What should we choose?

Do you know why some are just disappearing and the others suddenly appear out of nowhere?

Do you know that peas are always fresh from Ulaanbaatar, but the carrots only taste good from East Germany? Do you know what time it is in Ohio? Do you know how it can happen that left suddenly turn right? What are you doing here at all? What are you talking about? What do you really know? Are you really sure?


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