Emil Solli- Tangen, Ormindo

Rebecca Verena Koch, Erisbe

Benjamin Lyko, Nerillo (Counter Tenor)

conductor: Clemens Flick

Aleke Alpermann, cello
Simon Borutzki, recorder
Anna Fusek, violin I
Matthew Jones, theorbo and guitar
Peter Kuhnsch, percussion
Klara Tsujimoto, violin II

sound recording: Manfred Tausch


costumes: Moritz Haakh

make up: Frederike Schäfer
camera 1: Elena Panouli

camera 2: Lucia Gerhardt

post production: Lucia Gerhardt


concept and direction: Franziska Guggenbichler Beck



october 2015

For an expensive stage production the fundings were missing, but that did not hinder us to realize a creative small version for this baroque opera. I decided to design and implement a VIDEOMINIATURE.

A so called Videminiature is an art music video that shows the concept and musical approach. It gives an impression of the general aesthetics of the production and of course the musical impression of the singers and ensemble. Everything is there, however, in its smallest possible form: like in the stage model.

Francesco Cavalli was a bright star in the Venetian Opera productions around 1637. He adapted the tradition of the popular theatre using simple musical means. He wrote expressive and vivid recitatives, unforgetable ariosi and concentrated on the characteristic of each figure, and gave each one an individual colour.

I am particularly fascinated by the fact that the music and the scene from the very beginning were very much interwoven. Scenic and musical expression went hand in hand. Much of it (also on musical material!) Arose during the rehearsals.

The occupation with the scene and music of the époque seems to be similar to the work and the spirit of discovery of an archaeologist.




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